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Understanding the healthcare system in France

HEY! You've just arrived in France and are hearing about "Carte Vitale," "feuilles de soins," "tarifs conventionnés," "sécurité sociale," "mutuelle," "ameli"... All these terms might seem complex, and understanding them is crucial for optimal healthcare coverage. That's why our partner HEYME deciphers the key concepts below! Healthcare Expense Coverage – How does it work? Social Security registration is free of charge and mandatory for all non EU-resident students. To register, please visit : In France, the reimbursement of medical expenses is divided into two levels :

  1. The mandatory part, covered by Social Security. It allows for the reimbursement of a portion or the entirety of your healthcare expenses based on agreed-upon rates.

  2. The complementary part, also known as the "ticket modérateur" (TM), either remains your responsibility or is covered by supplemental health insurance (mutuelle).

For example, below is the reimbursement of a consultation with a general practitioner who charges the rates set by the Social Security (i.e. €25 per consultation):

  • 70% Obligatory part (reimbursement of the health insurance) €17.50.

  • €1 Flat-rate contribution (franchise fee) Non-refundable €1.

  • 30% Complementary part (Co- payment) €7.50.

Healthcare Expense Reimbursement - How does it work?

HEYME RECOMMENDATION For optimal coverage of your healthcare expenses and to avoid a remaining charge of up to several hundred euros, or even more in the event of hospitalization, consider subscribing to complementary health insurance.

Moreover, thanks to our partnership, enjoy a 10% discount on all HEYME healthcare solutions with the code SPIKY-10


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